About NGC

The National Grand Coalition Party (NGC) is conscious of the economic, social and political challenges facing Sierra Leone, particularly the worsening conditions of poverty, social deprivation and inequality among the population. We are aware of the importance of strengthening our democratic values and practice and the need for a very enlightened and committed leadership in the entire State of Sierra Leone which, despite its smallness in area and population and its abundant resources, can hardly guarantee today the social and economic justice required for the advancement of its people.

We have witnessed over the years the exploitation of the nation’s natural and human resources which has not had much impact on the quality of life of the population.

The NGC, therefore, commits itself to the goal of restoring the lost glories of Sierra Leone so that she can once more take her rightful place in the international community of nations.

In order to accomplish this task, the NGC shall draw inspiration from and base the entirety of our action on Sierra Leone’s foundational principles of unity, freedom and justice; the unity of a nation that harnesses its diversity for the common good, freedom for our people to enjoy their rights and live good lives as decent citizens and a system of justice that protects all citizens against unfair, unequal and harmful treatment.

The NGC will endeavor to give entrepreneurship the importance it deserves so as to shift the mindset of the people away from patronage and dependency on government for jobs to inter-dependency and reliance on their own strength, talents and creativity.

"UNITED WE STAND; WE STAND UNITED" is the motto of our party.

The Symbol of the Party shall be a Bike Rider using a Motor Bike to carry a scale of justice with an electric bulb on one side of the scale signifying enlightenment, Education and Energy and a hoe on the other side of the scale demonstrating the virtues of hard work and dignity in labour all of which are illustrated within a circle with the letters “N”,“G” and “C” in green, red and blue respectively and the words “NATIONAL GRAND COALITION” in a semi-circle at the top.

The Colours of the Party shall be Gold, White, Green, Red, Blue and Black


The overarching goal of the Party is to create a free, fair and just society that offers opportunities for social mobility and the full exploitation of individual potential.

The NGC therefore aims:

(1) To promote the awareness of our common identity as a nation, rich in its diversity and uncompromising in its assertion of unity and harmony among its various groups.

(2) To sanitize the practice of politics by re-introducing and upholding neglected principles, values and ethics that create a favourable environment for the search for solutions to the developmental challenges faced by our country within a rapidly evolving global context.

(3) To participate in the strengthening of democratic institutions and practices so as to guarantee fairness, justice and participation of the entire citizenry irrespective of ethnic, religious, economic, gender and other differences.

(4) To harness the knowledge, skills and historical consciousness of all Sierra Leoneans and provoke and instill in them the will to put their nation first and work together for the purpose of national development.

The objectives of the NGC are:

(1) To foster and promote much needed unity amongst the people of this country by creating structures and programmes that reflect our belonging to the same nation and seek to eradicate tribalism, sectionalism, nepotism and rampant corruption.

(2) To ensure full participation of all Sierra Leoneans in the political, social and economic activities of the nation.

(3) To ensure that all Sierra Leoneans are treated equally in all spheres of life on the basis of merit and that justice is meted out to them irrespective of their ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, physical or mental condition or situation in life.

(4) To instill in our population their duty to the State, a respect for law and order, and ensure protection of the rights of the individual with respect to government, and the maintenance of a Free Press.

(5) To prioritize the security of life and property of citizens by maintaining a highly disciplined, well-motivated, reliable, respected and non-political national security service.

(6) To restore discipline and accountability in all facets of the society in order to enhance greater efficiency and productivity.

(7) To revitalize our economy by reducing direct government intervention in economic activities and ensuring the independence of the Central Bank within the context of free enterprise.

(8) To provide a more realistic, meaningful and steady programme of rural development, with the aim of boosting agriculture and agro-industrial activities in the countryside and the empowerment of rural farmers to fully participate in agricultural policy formulation and implementation.

(9) To ensure as a matter of urgency, effective and reliable transport network nationwide.

(10) To create the enabling environment for all Sierra Leoneans in both urban and rural settings to have access to information and participate in global development by making available services in telecommunication and modern technology that are efficient and affordable. However, other traditional forms of communication that have proven effective for the mobilization of our human resources and of our communities will be promoted.

(11) To restore high quality education, promote synergies between educational institutions and the private sector, ensure that academic programmes increase the employability of graduates and respond to the developmental needs of contemporary society; to also support a comprehensive nationwide literacy programme and appropriate formal and technical education and training for national development.

(12) To provide a national health plan that will be affordable by all regardless of social class and economic status.

(13) To support programmes for urban renewal with the aim of providing affordable housing, in the capital city Freetown and all other provincial and district headquarter towns.

(14) To create awareness and protect our natural environment from pollution, deforestation, toxic waste dumping and other forms of environmental deterioration.

(15) To empower our women to participate at all levels for progressive nation building with a strong emphasis on girl child development

(16) To instill in the Sierra Leonean Youth a strong sense of honesty and the ethics of hard work as the only way to achieve true success thereby liberating them from a mentality that considers wealth to be attainable without effort through short-cuts and corrupt, quick-fix practices.

(17) To cause a paradigm shift in Sierra Leonean society from dependency on patronage and corrupt living to a culture of entrepreneurship in which the energies, talents and creativity especially of our young people become engines of wealth creation.

(18) To stamp out the menace of drug addiction, drunkenness, prostitution, and other social evils which are gradually gaining grips of our society because of poverty, hopelessness and neglect.

(19) To resuscitate our culture and arts in order to portray our unique, authentic and traditional heritage.

(20) To promote sports for all irrespective of gender, ethnicity, origin and physical ability and at all levels (including schools, community, regional and national) as a medium of national cohesion and to harness the sporting potential and talents of our youths

(21) To ensure our commitment to the International Community, with the view to promoting world peace and security, integration at sub-regional, regional and global levels.


The philosophy of the Party is anchored on national regeneration, social justice, economic prosperity and the rule of law. It is also rooted in the enhancement of individual participation and freedoms and the collective will of the people to harness their natural resources and human potential.